Heading offshore to a maritime career? Join GSP team!

GSP helps you to get start and to move up by providing life changing professional opportunities for graduates to work onboard offshore support vessels or construction vessels. GSP invites graduates to apply for entry level jobs in order to benefit from the career opportunities as well as career guidance and support. Career development plans will include safety programs, theoretical and on the job training sessions. Start your career within GSP!

There’s room for you to start as Deck Rating, and grow to filling in upper positions to Able Bodied Seaman (AB)Steward Utility, Cook, and Steward, Mate, Engineer (from 3rd Assistant Engineer up to First Assistant engineer), Chief Engineer, Master/Captain.  

GSP provides you support through the extensive training matrix and on the job training, through internal promotions and transfers and the competence assurance program. GSP Training Center will assist you along and the experienced colleagues will provide valuable mentorship.