GSP announces the second MODU addition to its fleet in 2014

August 11, 2014

GSP MagellanGSP drilling fleet is presently extended to eight units as GSP Magellan enters company fleet. GSP Magellan, ex GSF Magellan is an ABS classed Friede & Goldman L-780 Mod V drilling rig with three legs (496 ft. long, triangular). GSP Magellan is rated -20°C, thus the rig’s design and outfitting is consistent with GSP’s asset portfolio and strategy to be present in selective markets.

The rig’s cantilever envelope is 58 ft. x 30 ft. The MODU can operate in water depths up to 350 ft with 10,400 kips maximum variable load (drilling). The drilling rig has a quarters’ capacity of 116 persons.

GSP Magellan is the second MODU entering GSP fleet in 2014. The company currently operates in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico.

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