GSP enters the deep-water drilling market

July 15, 2019

scarabeo 9

GSP Offshore has signed the contract for integrated drilling services with Lukoil Overseas Atash BV. The project will be developed in Trident field, in the Romanian Black Sea sector and marks a new milestone for GSP, as the company accesses the deep-water drilling market.

The Trident field concession rights are owned by the Romanian branch of the Dutch subsidiary of Lukoil (87.8%) and Romgaz, the Romanian state-owned producer (12.2%). The gas deposit in the Trident field is estimated to 30 billion cubic meters and could be the second largest in Romania’s exclusive economic area.

GSP acts as main contractor, being responsible for the entire management of the drilling campaign. The scope of work comprises drilling and well-related services, as well as logistics and aviation. The project involves the drilling of a new expiration well – Trinity-1X, for which Saipem`s Scarabeo 9 semisubmersible drilling rig will be mobilized. The Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) is an ultra-deep-water drilling unit, designed to operate in water depth up to 12,000 ft, and with a drilling depth capacity up to 50,000 ft below the rotary table, and has been chosen due to its ability to lower its tower in order to allow the crossing of the Bosphorus Strait.

The drilling activities under the project are expected to commence in 4Q 2019.