WARNING: Job Scam Alert

November 21, 2017

Fake vacancy announcements have been recently circulated in the name of GSP and its affiliates. Such schemes are fraudulent and may seek to obtain personal details or even money from the recipients.

This kind of correspondence is usually made to look like they originate from our group of companies; for example they use the right logo of letterhead, the right website address, similar e-mail domain (i.e. @ukgspoffshore.com – this is not our company domain) and sometimes they are even falsely signed in the name of current or former GSP officials. Such use of the GSP name and visual identity in these schemes is unauthorized and illegal. The appropriate authorities will be informed of any such activities of which our company becomes aware of.

Please find below a list of signs that can make you discover if the job listing is a scam:

1. You are asked to wire money

2. You are asked for personal information, such as  bank account numbers, or credit card number

3. You receive e-mails from a non-business e-mail address

4. There is no experience necessary

5. The salary is to high and many benefits are offered on the spot

Extreme caution should be exercised in relation with any suspicious communication of this kind. In case you become aware of suspicious employment offers, we kindly advise you to bring this to our attention at the following e-mail address human.resources@gspoffshore.com