Hydro-technical Construction

Grup Servicii Petroliere performs marine works and re-construction works, answering the demands of the regional market. GSP is committed to supply our clients the most effective marine works solution with the most reduced environmental impact, with the safest technologies at the highest quality level. The Company performs services in the marine and hydro-ameliorative construction field by ensuring a complete package of reporting, cost management, planning and controlling, technical maintenance manuals, commissioning, risk assessment and accurate safety procedures. GSP also provides engineering, working life assessment, inspection and maintenance, repair, marine works’ safety assessment, ensuring the lowest possible ecological impact.

GSP has the professional and operational capacity to sustain the entire range of permanent and temporary hydro-technical constructions.  GSP renders services answering the regional market demand of main and secondary hydro-technical construction.

Hydro-technical construction are complex works, made both for using water resources for various purposes, and for combating the destructive effects of water. Hydro-technical constructions support:

  • Water caption for creating domestic usage water networks or industrial usage water networks
  • Dams construction for production of electric energy
  • Protection against flooding by regulation of water courses
  • Drainage and shore protection
  • Development of water transportation by dredging works and channel construction
  • Development of nautical recreation and sport areas;
  • Breakwaters construction for harbor protection
  • Quays, harbor platforms, maintenance dredging for the harbor basin;
  • Environmental water works
  • Rehabilitation of shoreline areas
  • Preservation of beach areas

The class of hydro-technical constructions also join civil works in our case, especially for harbours purpose. The dredging works, as part of  such hydro-technical constructions,  will be developed and followed to comply with the particular requirement of each project.

The commercial offer is subject of future development: it shall extent to the entire range of civil and other construction types.