The Romanian Naval Authority issued the authorization certificate 3/435HM/102/1 for Grup Servicii Petroliere (GSP) through which the company is recognized as a producer of naval equipment and service

February 21, 2008

The authorization complies with the MT.RNR/NT 1/2 – 99 Code approved by the OMT 288 from 1999. GSP is authorized to perform the following works in the naval domain:

  • Mechanical and electrical repair works for the drilling rigs and technical vessels;
  • Steel works for the vessels’ hull and super-structure;
  • Metal works for naval and non naval structures;
  • Piping revisions and repairs;
  • Tubular and valves checking and repairs;
  • Hydraulic equipment checking and repairs;
  • Heat engines checking and repair works;
  • Axial lines (3 – 3, 5m) checking, dismounting, measurement, processing and repairs;
  • Command equipment checking, dismounting, measurement, processing and repairs;
  • Deck equipment for anchoring, binding, maneuvering, salvage checking;
  • Electrical naval equipment works: electrical engine inspection, measurement, rewind, and repair; accessories manufacturing; electrical equipment installation.

The products will be executed according to the Technical Regulations regarding the building and classification of the maritime vessels.
GSP will perform works for vessels under the Romanian flag under the Romanian Naval Authority supervision.
The present certificate is valid until March 2011 with the possibility of elongating the validity for another three years under the initial terms and conditions.
The actual certificate was issued on the 13th of February 2008 by the Sanctioning Office for Naval and Industrial Products.

General Information:

GSP provides offshore drilling and drilling related services. The professional experience of the company’s over 1050 employees led along time to great successes in offshore drilling.
GSP is a company with 100% private share capital.
GSP contributed and continues its endeavors to the exploitation of the submerged fields of oil and gas in the Persian Gulf, on the Romanian continental shelf, on the Greek continental shelf, the Turkish and Bulgarian continental shelves.

Further Information:

Tel.: +40 241 555 255
Fax: + 40 241 555 257

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