GSPa responsible company

GSP believes in giving back to the community in which the company develops its business. Committed to values like health, safety and environmental protection. GSP is a socially responsible company that has been involved in social and environmental activities since its beginnings.

GSP’s aim is to make its business a positive, responsible, constructive factor in society. Our company strives to make profit in a way that fulfills societal and environmental needs. The Corporate Social Responsibility stands in the very heart of the business. Our services not only meet the demand of our partners, but help to protect the environment, promote community development and improve health and education.

GSP engages constructively in society by supporting projects in health, education and sports. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is responsive and transparent. The flexibility of the corporate approach and funding on this matter allows us to get involved in a wide range of community-support and environmental-friendly projects, on both short and long term.

GSP values and promotes responsibility and partnership. GSP’s involvement is broadening and deepening, as we offer means for the community to improve itself. We are open to and interested in projects regarding the environmental preservation and protection, the improvement of  health, cultural and educational life of the community of which we’re a part.

GSP's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy GSP's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.pdf
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GSP's Ethics And Business Integrity Policy GSP's Ethics and Business Integrity Policy.pdf
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