Land Cranes (Lifting Units)

Grup Servicii Petroliere developed the heavy lift onshore fleet in order to effectively answer the market increasing demand as well as to sustain the onsite fabrication activities for the offshore constructions.

The heavy lift units provide tailored heavy lift services within a comprehensive service offer including heavy lift project management, in-house engineering of accurate lifting plans and comprehensive procedures, onsite coordination, heavy lift logistics, full loading, unloading, rigging.

Liebherr LG 1550  Onshore crane with 550 tons lifting capacity
Liebherr LR 1300  4 crawlers crane with 300 tons lifting capacity
Liebherr LR 1280  Crawler crane with 280 tons lifting capacity
Liebherr LR 1200  Crawler crane with 200 tons lifting capacity
Liebherr LR 1250  Crawler crane with 250 tons lifting capacity
Liebherr LTM 1070  All terrain mobile crane with a 50 metres length telescopic boom and 70  tons lifting capacity
Terex A 300  Hydraulic type rough terrain crane with 30 tons lifting capacity
MDK 504  TAKRAF crane type with a 27 tons lifting capacity