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The GSP’s corporate logo has been designed with two distinctive components: the corporate symbol and the Grup Servicii Petroliere logotype.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure the Grup Servicii Petroliere is used properly. Note the examples of what you should and should not do when reproducing the GSP logo.

The font used, “Blade Runner”, inspire a dynamic company, moving forward.

The main Logo is the one reproduced on this page and can be split-up under certain conditions.

It can be found in 2 other different versions, such as is shown in this manual. Under no circumstances should “GRUP SERVICII PETROLIERE” be translated to any other languages.

The certification line will always be used as shown in the options in this page.

The logo can be used also without the certification line. The three different versions of the logo have no defined background, unless otherwise stipulated by the application.

The logo can be used also separately.

Please consult GSP ID BOOK for complete information of the use of GSP logo.

GSP ID Book GSP brand ID 2010.pdf
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