GSP Prince successfully completed the subsea survey in Galata field

February 1, 2010

GSP Prince, the diving & ROV support vessel,  performed the initial subsea survey within the offshore pipeline installation contract for the development of the Galata field, on the Bulgarian continental shelf of the Black Sea. The Triton XLX ROV and the rest of the diving and survey equipment was installed onboard and tested.

Between the 25th and 29th of January, GSP Prince operated in the Galata field, successfully performing the equipment calibration and the subsea survey along the future pipeline route, including the Galata platform 500 meters safety range.

GSP will perform Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Installation of an 8.5 km 6” pipeline from Galata platform to Kavarna 2 well head, and a 14.5 km 10” pipeline from Galata platform to Kaliakra 2 well head and the associated piggy backed liquid lines, at an average water depth of 80m within the contract GSP concluded with Melrose Resources, one of the Company’s traditional beneficiaries.