GSP refloated the Queen Hind. The ship is now docked firmly into place at Midia Harbor

February 26, 2020

GSP-refloated-the-Queen-HindGSP announces the successful end of the Queen Hind refloat . The operations ended on Tuesday night, the 25th of February.

“Our teams successfully refloated the Queen Hind. Our data shows that this was a unique operation, at least for the Black Sea region. The ship is now firmly in place at dock. We gladly announce that thanks to a tireless, human and technical, effort normal operations can resume at Midia Harbor”, specified Gabriel Comănescu, president and CEO of Grup Servicii Petroliere.

GSP employees worked around the clock for the refloating operations. Our diver teams worked even in four shifts. „GSP spared no resources for this project. We are fully aware of the emergency factor in the operation. We worked fast and did a good job. We registered no safety incidents, or environmental riscs”, said the president and CEO of GSP, Gabriel Comănescu. GSP mobilized, for the Queen Hind refloat operation, the biggest sea crane in the Black Sea: GSP Neptun.

Our experts used barges to further stabilize the Queen Hind. “It was not an easy operation. There seldom are easy operations in our field of work. We managed to refloat a ship, comparable in length to a football field. GSP successfully finished, without incidents, in record time a complex refloat operation”, stated Gabriel Comănescu. GSP is starting phase two of the agreed plan with the beneficiary. The mission to free the Queen Hind of the biological load, in 100% safe conditions for the personnel as well as for the environment, will be developed in close collaboration with local and national authorities. A big thank you to all our employees and partners, for a job well done.

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