Important milestone for Midia Gas Development project

September 13, 2021

GSP teams have successfully transported and installed the ANA platform Topside, more than 120 km offshore Black Sea.

200+ people will keep working on the hook-up and commissioning faze.

The Topside weighs more than 1350 tons and was lifted on the transport barge and on top of the Jacket by GSP Neptune, the largest sea crane in the Black Sea – 1800t capacity.

Assets used: GSP Bigfoot 1, GSP Bigfoot 2, GSP Neptun crane barge (1800T capacity), GSP Alcor

Topside fabricated at GSP Shipyard in Agigea, Constanța.

GSP is the EPCI builder of the Midia Gas Developement project, developed by Black Sea Oil and Gas company, member of The Carlyle Group.