GSP is the regional market leading EPIC Company, involved in the design and construction projects for the offshore industry.

GSP delivers state of the art engineering together with Euroned Engineering BV, Comproiect 92 and Upetrom Engineering, member companies  of Upetrom Group

The Company supports the design, construction, handover, commissioning, operations and maintenance of the engineering projects with innovative thinking, proven processes and most advanced technologies.

As the offshore industry challenge is to operate safely and reliably, GSP helps achieving the operational goals with high regard for the safety and efficiency, within the time and budget limits drawn up by the client.

By providing top engineering services, GSP contributes to the elimination of shutdowns and supplementary costs by offering the best decision support capabilities resulting in excellent design and life cycle optimization.

GSP together with the other Engineering Companies members of Upetrom Group service offer include:

  • 3D Modeling & Visualization
  • Analysis
  • Engineering & Schematics
  • Information Management
  • Procurement, Fabrication & Construction

GSP completes the service offer, guaranteeing technical and operational excellence will be delivered to the client, by including:

  • the development of engineering design and documentation,
  • the development of documentation for the tendering processes, performing cost estimations and project budgeting,
  • tenders evaluation from technical and commercial standpoints,
  • project planning and optimization
  • project supervision and auditing