GSP shows a comprehensive understanding of the key engineering issues regarding the subsea cablelay installation.

The service is performed observing the most demanding standards of the industry, with special regard to the assessment of the cablelay integrity: each activity is approached by undertaking detailed engineering analysis, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the installation operation. The subsea cablelay services cover the entire range of specific demands of the project, from project planning and project management to commissioning and site-acceptance. GSP, specializing in solutions for the subsea engineering, is in position to render tailored subsea cablelay services operating the technical vessels and the entire range of related state of the art equipment.  The Company combines top technologies and highly qualified and motivated personnel in order to guarantee top quality cablelay services.

Key services provided by GSP:
-Cable routing: route identification, feasibility surveys, cable route clearance, risk assessment;
-Cablelay: shore/end landings, installation between offshore constructions, diving support, repair and maintenance, post-lay inspection and cable burial, physical protection;
-Support and security of operations in the most challenging environments