Subsea Services

GSP has developed its subsea installation capabilities by acquiring top high-tech subsea survey and SAT diving equipments, supplied by leading producing and supplying companies. Simultaneously, GSP initiated a vast certification program, sustained by a specialized professional team with extended competencies in the field.

GSP, firmly rooted in the offshore regional industry, extended the service offer with two operational structures supplying state of the art equipment and technical solutions to the subsea industry worldwide. GSP’s reputation is built upon the pursuit of excellence and the subsea installation service offer has been developed in order to provide significant advantages to the clients’ demanding turnkey offshore services and to provide the offshore oil and gas industry with competent, cost-efficient services, skilled personnel, and state-of-the-art equipment.

GSP’s subsea installation services focus on two core activities in fields where the competence and technological endowment provide us with a strong position: ROV and SAT diving.

The extended range of services allows GSP to steadily increase and exceed all the targets and supply one of the most integrated packages of services for the offshore oil and gas industry. The subsea installation services are among the fastest growing services the company provides for clients demanding complete offshore solutions.

The ROVs (Remotely operated vehicle) GSP owns and operates incorporate last generation robotic technologies being able to operate in the safest manner in the toughest weather conditions and challenging environment.

The SAT diving services have the reputation for excellence both for the highly trained and passionate personnel and most advanced technologies and equipment.

The broad range of service includes:

  • subsea installation,
  • maintenance,
  • inspection,
  • survey,
  • SAT diving,
  • underwater engineering.
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