Operational Bases

GSP developed three modern construction and workshop facilities in Constanta, Constanta Nord – Midia and Constanta Sud – Agigea Ports. The Company carries out an large development program, including upgrades, modernizations, newbuilds and reclassifications.

GSP Central Production Facility – Berth 34, Constanta Harbor

GSP headquarters are in berth 34, Constanta port. GSP’s main operational base houses besides the headquarters GSP Training Centre, workshops, a welding training and certification facility.

The welding facility was primarily designed to answer GSP’s needs for the offshore construction activities and the steel works carried out in GSP Shipyard. The welding facility may secondary answer the call of certified welders and welding procedures for the regional market.

GSP’s berth facilities in Constanta Port allow execution of any kind of offshore constructions as well as vessels and offshore drilling rigs overhauling projects. The heavy duty opened concrete & asphalt platform of 8300sqm allows a maximum load of 30 t/sqm. The quay opening is 100 meters long and the quay water depth reaches 12 m.

GSP North Production Facility – Midia Base

The Constanta Nord – Midia base is a unique industrial centre, integrating all the required services to run offshore services: the tubular material checking, and repairs. GSP’s Midia operational base was developed on an area of 17,000sqm in the first phase. It includes a heavy duty opened platform, covering 12,300sqm, two multipurpose workshops, an administrative building; the entire building’s area expands on 2,195sqm. For the technological processes dedicated to the tubular material checking and repairs, there were acquired top technological equipments supplied by Weiler, Staaltechnieck, Vetcoscope, ARC Specialities, Atlas Copco, Demag. The quay opening at the end of this first development phase reaches 310 m.

Midia base will also be included in GSP’s training circuit: there will be established a drilling and maintenance professional training centre.

The base may also be available for third parties, to jointly provide onshore and offshore well intervention services, and steel works for the petrochemical industry in Eastern Europe and Middle East. GSP’s Midia base can also accommodate jack up rigs for repair works, offshore equipment storage, pipes repair and coating facilities.

The location ensures the river connection with the Western Europe countries and directly with Rotterdam port through the Rhine- Main canal.

The second development phase of GSP North Production Facility – Midia Base shall extend the heavy duty platform up to 310 000 sqm, the maximum allowed load covering the range between 15 t/sqm and 30 t/sqm. GSP North Production Facility – Midia Base will access a 1.100 m quay opening.

GSP South Production Facility & Shipyard, Agigea

GSP Shipyard located in Constanta Sud – Agigea Port offers the necessary infrastructure to support the offshore constructions with a complex steel works facility being endowed with an extended fleet of heavy lift cranes.

GSP’s operational base in Constanta Sud – Agigea also offers complete shipyard facilities: GSP Bigfoot 1 newbuild process was carried out here, as well as GSP Neptun upgrade and reclassification project.

Presently GSP Shipyard in Constanta Sud – Agigea covers a total area of 36,712 square meters, 3,201sqm representing the administrative and multipurpose buildings’ area, the rest of 33,511 representing the heavy duty opened platform. The quay opening in GSP Shipyard reaches 400 m.