Integrated Management System

GSP’s QHSE Management System has been audited and certified by Bureau Veritas as complying with the

ISO 9001:2008, Quality management systems

ISO 14001:2004, Environmental management systems

OHSAS 18001:2007, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

 ISO/TS 29001:2010, Management System relevant for on shore and off shore services for oil and gas, onshore and offshore drilling, oil rigs and offshore vessels management; construction, transportation, installation, commissioning and maintenance of offshore structures, pipe-lay and subsea works, including survey and diving, and

ISM Code, International Safety Management Code.

The HSEQ Integrated Management System operates independently and simultaneously with the security management system (ISPS Code), the requirements of both systems being compatible.

GSP’s activity is also carried out in conformity with the following national and international norms and regulations, as amended.

-       SOLAS 1974 (in conformity with the last revisions);

-       MARPOL 73/78;

-       STCW Code;

-       IMDG Code;

-       MODU Code;

-       OSV Code;

-       IADC Rig Official Rules and Guidelines;

-       IMCA Guidelines

-       Romanian Law 53/2003  regarding Labor Code;

-       Romanian Government Ordinance 42/1997 regarding the naval transport;

-       Romanian Government Ordinance 56/1999 for ratification of the ILO 147/1976 Convention regarding the minimum standards on board of commercial ships;

-       Emergency Romanian Government Ordinance 195/2005 regarding environment protection;

-       Romanian Law 98/1992 regarding ratification of Convention referring to the Black Sea protection against pollution;

-       Romanian Law 319/2006 regarding safety;

-       Romanian Law 346/2002 regarding insurance for work related accidents and occupational diseases.

In addition, the Company activity observes the flag authorities and EU Regulations