Grup Servicii Petroliere has developed a reputation in high quality services. The subsea survey services combine new technology and innovation observing the same elevated standards in force throughout the company.

GSP’s tailored subsea survey systems and services are designed to efficiently meet the specific demands of the clients. The Company possesses the technical expertise and cost effective capability to complete subsea engineering projects with confidence.

GSP developed a professional subsea services offer in order to support the fast developing oil and gas sector.

The Company offers project support as well as the highest quality remotely operated vehicle (ROVs) services required for offshore construction and offshore drilling support.

Services for offshore oilfield support:

  • Underwater video inspection: in-water jacket inspections, in water subsea platform inspections in accordance with the industry guidelines;
  • Underwater constructions support;
  • Dredging / Trenching;
  • Subsea pipeline inspection, installation and repair.

Other services:

  • Logistics and project support;
  • Ship hull survey;
  • Subsea cable inspection;
  • Divers’ operation monitoring;
  • Aquaculture facility inspection;
  • Comprehensive documenting of subsea inspection / operation.
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