GSP announces successful completion of sea trials for GSP Bigfoot 1 after upgrade

2015-02-25 BF1 Upgrade sea trials (4)GSP Bigfoot 1 successfully completed the sea trials after the upgrade project conclusion. The experienced surveyors and crew onboard, together with engineering professionals report the sea trials confirmed the enhanced operational value of the construction vessel, the state of the art equipment allowing GSP Bigfoot 1 to enter an honorable position in the top ten in its category. The upgrade project focused on three main chapters:

  • the installation of the Kongsberg dynamic positioning system DP2 with 6 Rolls Royce azimuth retractable thrusters of 2200 kW each, and of 4 Wärtsilä, TIER III emission engines, 3500 kW each in the new power compartment;
  • the increase of the pipelay capacity by installing a 90 meters stinger and a new fixed frame system which allow the construction vessel address higher diameter pipelay installation projects into deeper waters;
  • the increase of the accommodation capacity from 208 to 240.

The project included a series of other upgrade works observing the international industry standards to date. GSP Bigfoot 1 is a multi-functional offshore installation barge with derrick and pipelay features suitable for shallow and medium deep water. After the upgrade, the construction vessel observe the latest international classification and contractors’ associations regulations, ABS and IMCA included. The construction vessel may as well serve as shallow and deep water logistic base to transport heavy structures, accommodate personnel, and ROV operations. GSP Bigfoot 1 has been configured to provide excellent motion characteristics and work in areas where shallow water could be a challenging factor for many other vessels. The upgrade project was carried out by GSP, GSP Engineering and GSP Shipyard. GSP Engineering provided the detailed engineering while the GSP Shipyard provided fabrication of the marine systems, outfitting, installation and integration of marine and pipe laying equipment, while GSP provided the project management.

GSP Bigfoot 1- Upgrade Completion- Sea Trials

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