Chief Offshore Construction Officer

Mr. Carlan joined in 2008 GSP’s team after holding several managerial positions within Petromar, where he entered in 1987 as production engineer further advancing in his career to positions such as O.I.M.-Offshore Installation Manager, Head of Production Department, Deputy General Manager. Mr. Carlan has also occupied the position of Field Production Manager for White Nile (5a) Petroleum Operating Company Ltd.  – Sudan Oil and Gas Onshore Company.  Mr. Carlan set up the GSP’s offshore constructions department, coordinating at the moment the onshore fabrication activities, the offshore construction operations within the current projects. Mr. Carlan has a diploma in drilling and production wells engineering, graduating the University of Petroleum Engineering Ploiesti. He also attended a series of training and specialization courses in the offshore construction, safety systems of the technological equipments, process management, in France, Italy, U.K., The Netherlands, and Canada. He is a Romanian citizen residing in Constanta.