Single Point Mooring Systems

GSP provides Single Point Mooring Systems onshore fabrication including engineering, procurement, logistics, and construction. The Company, following the trend of the offshore oil and gas industry, has developed the steel fabrication capacity in order to sustain the clients’ purpose of developing oil and natural gas fields in increasingly remote geographic locations. In order to ensure the goal of achieving production at acceptable costs, GSP developed the steel fabrication facility able to efficiently answer the sharply growing demand for SPMs. GSP guarantees the properly engineered and fabricated.
Single Point Mooring Systems as both the workforce and the design criteria meet the most demanding rules in force.

The SPMs fabrication offer includes:
–          Buoy body fabrication,
–          Mooring and anchoring components,
–          Product transfer system,
–          Auxiliary components (boat landing, lifting and handling equipment, navigation aids, power provisions).