GSP Offshore is the Partner of the Black sea fLoating Offshore Wind (BLOW) Project, co-funded by the European Union

January 18, 2023

blow logoIREC (Insititut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya) has announced today in Brussels the launching of the BLOW project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at harnessing the floating offshore wind energy potential of the Black Sea.

GSP Offshore is among the 14 partners of the project coordinated by José Luis Domínguez, head of the Power Systems group at IREC, along with other companies and educational institutions.

The project will implement a 5 MW demonstrator in the Black Sea, paving the way for industrial mass production and the deployment of floating offshore wind farms. By coupling synergies with the oil & gas sectors, the BLOW project aims to accelerate the energy transition in the region and foster societal acceptance and cross-border policy development.

Offshore wind is a clean, cost-efficient, and scalable power source, and floating offshore wind energy is expected to play a key role in unlocking the vast potential of deep-sea areas. The project started in January 2023, has a budget above 21 M€ and will last for 5 years.

From now onwards, let the wind BLOW!!!!!


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For more information , please visit the project website.