GSP announces the completion and commissioning of the Dzubga-Lazarevskoe-Soci offshore gas pipeline project for Gazprom

June 11, 2011

GSP has became in 2009 the contractor and project manager for the offshore services package includding the pipeline installation along the Russian continental shelf of the Black Sea, between Dzhubga-Lazarevskoe-Soci as well as for the pipeline tie-in with the  Russia – Turkey inter continental pipeline in Gorsky, Tuapse region. The total length of the gas pipeline is 177 kilometers, out of which 159.5 kilometers represent the offshore section. The pipeline route runs on the Black Sea bottom following the coastline (approximately 4.5 kilometers away from the coast) to the Kudepsta gas distribution station near Sochi. The 24 inches gas pipeline will have an annual throughput capacity of approx 3.8 billion cubic meters.

GSP, the contractor of the offshore works, installed the submarine pipelines (159.5 km), including welding, nondestructive testing, inspection, pipe transport, installation of five shore approaches in Dzhubga, Novomikhailovskoye, Tuapse (two onshore pipeline approaches) and Kudepsta, pipeline tie-ins, ROV operations, surveys, trenching and pipeline hydro-testing. The contract has been signed in 2009, the offshore operations started in early April 2010 and in June 2011 were completed the last works including the offshore pressure testing, dewatering, drying and trenching works.

GSP has provided the operational management of an extensive offshore fleet  including two pipelay technical vessels, GSP Bigfoot 1 and C Master, a IMR & Survey vessel, GSP Prince, as well anchor handling support vesels, offshore supply and crew transport, such as GSP Queen, GSP Vega, GSP Phoenix, to name only a few. GSP supplied the Triton XLR, Navajo şi Mohican ROVs and the technicians and operators for the subsea survey as well as the 300 msw rated saturation diving system and divers for the subsea works.

“DLS project represents for GSP the confirmation of meeting one of our  strategic objectives: acceeding into the first league of offshore integrated oil and gas services providers worldwide. The management of all the subsea pipeline installation and adjoining works within the 270 USD mil worth contract having the giant Gazprom as final beneficiary speaks by itself about our growth rate, about the achieved performance level in the turnkey projects management and succesful delivery of major projects. Acceeding the Russian market with such a large scale project, GSP sends the signal that it is in our intent to develop a long term collaboration with the major Russian oil and gas market players, the DLS project being only the first step”, declared Fanel Hahui, GSP’s CEO.

DLS Project Information:

The Dzhubga – Lazarevskoye – Sochi gas pipeline is part of the Program for Construction of Olympic Facilities and Development of Sochi as a Mountain-Climatic Resort, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. The gas pipeline is designed to provide a reliable energy supply to Sochi and other areas, including delivery of gas to the Olympic facilities which are under construction; it gives a powerful impulse to the implementation of gas supply in both private and public households of Sochi and the Tuapse District, particularly facilitating the power supply on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

GSP, General Information:

GSP is a member of Upetrom Group and it’s headquartered in Constanta Harbor, Romania. GSP focuses its development strategy in three major directions: the fleet diversification through newbuild projects, acquisitions and bareboat contracts with buying option; the latest generation technologies implementation; career development support resulting in the improvement and diversification of the professional skills of the personnel. GSP operates a fleet including five mobile offshore drilling rigs, a modular drilling rig, ten offshore support vessels of different types, a fleet of technical vessels including a DP3 pipelay barge, the largest heavy lift crane barge in the Black Sea, heavy lift semisubmersible and offshore work and accommodation barges as well as a fleet of heavy duty and inspection class ROVs, and a 12 man 300 msw saturation diving system.

The companies within Upetrom Group have activities in onshore and offshore drilling, oilfield equipment production, design engineering, as well as in the tourism sector. Today, Upetrom Group as more than 5000 employees and is operating worldwide, with representative offices in various countries.

Further Information:

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