GSP installed the highest steel jacket fabricated for the Black Sea

July 2, 2010

The 1300 tons and 101 meters long steel jacket fabricated by GSP is installed in Akcakoca field. The operation preparative campaign included planning, implementation and qualification of the transport and installation procedures, qualification of welding procedures as well as testing and certification of offshore welders, as well as jacket buoyancy calculation and unload procedure, lifting equipment certification.

The jacket installation operation was carried out in maximum safety conditions and highest regards for environmental preservation and protection.

The steel jacket installation consisted in the unload from GSP Bigfoot 2, the detachment of the lifting equipment, the removal of the buoyancy bags and the controlled flooding of the jacket legs with the support of the Triton XLX ROV, erection and approach of the location and the lowering of the construction on the matching template previously installed on the bottom of the sea by the SAT divers.

For the operation, GSP, the offshore construction project contractor, has mobilized over 350 offshore specialists and a complex fleet of technical and support vessels, including: GSP Bigfoot 3, an accommodation and work barge for offshore operations, GSP Neptun, heavy lift crane (1800 tones), GSP Bigfoot 2, semi-submersible heavy lift transport barge, GSP Queen, ROV support vessel, GSP Licorn, supply ship, Boa Magnitor, AHT, Agat, AHT, P4 flat-top ocean going transport barge, and Aran.

Within a timeframe of 20 days, the jacket will be fixed and reinforced during the piling operation (operation consisting in the introduction of the pillars through the jacket legs, in order to secure and strengthen the offshore construction).