As part of Grup Servicii Petroliere’s CSR strategy, the company set up together with Upetrom -1 Mai in equal contribution a nursery and a play ground on the most attractive beach sector in Mamaia: Vega Beach 2007

July 5, 2007

Grup Servicii Petroliere (GSP) is a socially responsible company. GSP’s social involvement is known since the beginnings of the company. GSP believes in giving back to the community in which the company develops its business.

Both GSP and Upetrom -1 Mai identified the need of a healthy, safe, supervised environment for small children. This is the idea behind the nursery and play ground inaugurated at the beginning of the holiday season on Vega Beach 2007 in Mamaia. As we consider the needs of young children must be answered with priority, we offered a play ground with safe and modern playing facilities for them on the most attractive beach sector in Mamaia, Vega Beach 2007.

The children can play safely under professional supervision at the nursery and on the play ground on Vega Beach. Children’s safety and health are to be cared for during their stay on the Romanian sea shore. The nursery and play ground are proof of our engagement to promote community development and to improve health and education. As game is an important way of learning, we offer to our children a safe spot to learn and enjoy themselves.

GSP has a flexible, transparent and responsive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy promoting valuable partnerships. We act there where we see the need, offering means for the community to improve itself.

General Information:

GSP provides offshore drilling and drilling related services. The professional experience of the company’s over 700 employees led along time to great successes in offshore drilling. GSP is a company with 100% private share capital.

GSP contributed and continues its endeavors to the exploitation of the submerged fields of oil and gas in the Persian Gulf, on the Romanian continental shelf, on the Greek continental shelf, the Turkish and Bulgarian continental shelves.

Further Information:

Radu Petrescu
Tel.: +40 2317014, Fax: +40 2319192

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