Grup Servicii Petroliere (GSP) is announcing the change of the vessels’ names Licorn, Phoenix, Perseu and of the floating crane Granit, as a part of the rebranding process

January 17, 2008

The GSP’s rebranding process advanced to a new stage. The rebranding campaign the company has undertaken in the second half of 2007 is in progress.

GSP is announcing the close of the procedures initiated in order to change the names of the vessels the company owns.

The ships received new names as it follows: Licorn became GSP Licorn, Phoenix became GSP Phoenix, Perseu became GSP Perseu, and the floating crane Granit became GSP Granit.

The change of the vessels’ names took place according to the national and international regulations. We underline the fact that the new vessels’ names are amended in the nationality/registration certificate as well as in the class and flag certificates.

GSP will continue the rebranding campaign with the change of the names for the drilling rigs: Atlas, Jupiter, Orizont, Prometeu, and Saturn.

General Information:

GSP provides offshore drilling and drilling related services. The professional experience of the company’s over 450 employees led along time to great successes in offshore drilling. GSP is a company with 100% private share capital.
GSP contributed and continues its endeavors to the exploitation of the submerged fields of oil and gas in the Persian Gulf, on the Romanian continental shelf, on the Greek continental shelf, the Turkish and Bulgarian continental shelves.

Further Information:

Tel.: +40 241 555 255
Fax: + 40 241 555 257

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