GSP joins the Russian Association of Drilling Contractors

June 19, 2013

We have the pleasure to announce that GSP Offshore has become a full fledged member of the Russian Association of Drilling Contractors.

GSP is a worldwide provider of integrated services for the oil, gas and renewable industry and over the last few years the commercial relations on the Oil & Gas market in Russia have intensified as GSP considers the Russian market a strategic one.

GSP owns and operates a fleet of seven mobile offshore drilling rigs, and the company carries out drilling operations under long term contracts in the North and Black Seas, the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Mexico. The company carries out at the moment the preparative campaign for the drilling campaign with GSP Jupiter, the rig being employed by GazpromNeft. Operations are scheduled to start this June and will be carried out in Dolginskoye oil field, in the south eastern part of the Barents Sea, the continental shelf of the Russian Federation.