GSP Neptun has completed the installation of the new bridge in Agigea

August 22, 2014

GSP Neptun, Bridge InstallationGSP Neptun, the 1800 tons crane barge, has performed the final lifting and positioning operation of the central segment of the new cable-stayed bridge across the Danube – Black Sea Channel at the 0+540 km.

The heavy lift floating crane performed the following operations: transportation of steel structure to the location, lifting, positioning and installation of the bridge deck. The 110 tons steel structure installed today is 17.40 meters long, 15.50 wide and 2.40m in height.

GSP Neptun has previously installed other steel structures installation at the bridge, under the contract with Tigitrans (TGT), one of the subcontractors of the works at the new cable stayed bridge across the Danube – Black Sea Channel. For the works performed in various execution stages of the cable-stayed bridge GSP has also deployed GSP Granit, the 100 tons crane barge, GSP Bigfoot 2, the heavy lift and semi-submersible ocean going deck cargo barge, and heavy lift land cranes.

The new cable-stayed bridge at 0+540 km is the largest of this kind in Romania: the construction is designed to have an overall 360 meters in length, with 200 meters width above the water, the 17.4 meters width and 18,4 meters above the Danube – Black Sea Channel. It will be the largest bridge of this kind in Romania and will connect the A2 and A4 highways with Constanta Port.