GSP Neptun, the largest crane barge in the Black Sea, successfully completes an operational first within a cable-stayed bridge project

July 30, 2013

GSP Neptun_Cable Stayed Bridge AgigeaGSP Neptun, the 1800 tons crane barge, has performed the lifting and positioning operation of the first approx. 600 tons of the new cable-stayed bridge across the Danube – Black Sea Channel at the 0+540 km.

GSP’s heavy lift floating crane GSP Neptun performed the following operations: the transportation of the 58 meters long steel structure to the location, lifting, positioning and installation of the bridge deck weighing 586 tons.  GSP Neptun has previously installed a 32 tons steel structure on one of the bridge’s pillars on the Channel’s shore, at 17 meters above the sea level.

The operational first consists in lifting, positioning and installing the bridge components from the water, this technical solution being used for the first time in Romania.

The 1800 tons crane barge is scheduled to perform a second operation of the kind for the same project under the contract with Tigitrans (TGT), one of the subcontractors of the cable-stayed bridge project.

The new cable-stayed bridge at 0+540 km is the largest of this kind in Romania: the construction is designed to have an overall 360 meters in length, with 200 meters width above the water, the 17.4 meters width and 18,4 meters above the Danube – Black Sea Channel. It will connect the A2 and A4 highways with the southern part of Constanta Port.