GSP Neptun to resume heavy lift operations for the 3rd Bosporus Bridge

March 19, 2015

GSP NeptunGSP Neptun left Constanta South Port heading for Bosporus to continue works under a contract with Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries Co. Ltd. The largest crane in the Black Sea is employed within the construction project of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge over the Bosporus Strait.

The crane barge will place the steel bridge floors, their weight ranging between 450 and 900 tons.

The floating crane will perform 11 lifting operations in a timeframe of four months. Seven steel bridge floors will be placed on the European shore and the remaining four on the Asian one.

During the heavy lift operations the traffic in the Bosporus strait will be closed.

GSP Neptun is a 1800 t floating crane operated by a crew of 16. The boom reaches the lifting height of 76.00 meters at the lifting speed of 1.8 m/min (load), and 3.6 m/min (unload). The crane barge is towed to Bosporus by GSP Vega, AHTS.

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