GSP Bigfoot 1 Naming Ceremony took place in GSP Shipyard in Constanta Sud – Agigea Port

March 31, 2010

GSP hosted the naming ceremony of the shallow water pipelay & heavy lift barge on Wednesday, the 31st of March. The ceremony took place in GSP’s Shipyard, Mol 1S, berth PL8 Portul Constanta Sud – Agigea. The event was attended by a large number of Romanian as well as international representatives and leaders of banks, petroleum and shipping companies, harbor authorities, naval registries of shipping. The ceremony continued with a reception at Vega***** Hotel, in Mamaia.

GSP Bigfoot 1, the shallow water pipelay & heavy lift barge, classified under ABS register, with the class notation A1 Derrick / Lay barge, M, ES, UWILD, represents an 85 USD mil investment project carried out under GSP’s management. The Company completed the reconversion in order to further develop the technical vessels fleet designated to support the offshore construction services. The fleet of technical vessels includes GSP Bigfoot 1(pipelay & heavy lift), GSP Bigfoot 2 (semisubmersible barge), GSP Bigfoot 3 (300 men accommodation & work barge), heavy lift crane barges GSP Neptun (1800 tons) and GSP Granit, and ocean going cargo barges, these adding to the offshore mobile drilling rigs, and the offshore support vessels (AHTS, OSR, IMR & geotechnical survey, crew and MEDEVAC).